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Laptop skins: Turn your notebook into a stylish accessory

Our laptop is not just for work - we use and carry it around all the time. Whether you're streaming the latest episode of your favorite Netflix series, checking your emails or picking out the tastiest recipes for the next cooking night with your friends, your notebook helps you. To make it look even better, you can decorate it with one of our laptop skins.

The laptop stickers can be attached perfectly to your device thanks to the free-of-bubbles technology and it fits smoothly. The high-quality print makes the motifs shine in rich colors. If you decide to remove the laptop sticker for some reason, that's no problem either. The laptop skins are easy to remove.

The sticky laptop skins are available in numerous designs - and the options are getting more and more. Our steadily growing portfolio consists of motifs of various cultural and artistic influences. There is certainly a suitable design for everyone, that they can use as a design for their stylish laptop skin. Certainly also for you! Our designs are thematically structured, so you will always find the right designs. For example, we have prepared a marble collection with designs that are also very suitable as motifs for laptop stickers.

With us you can design your own laptop skin!

You want to make sure that no one else has the same laptop sticker as you? Then you have only one possibility - get creative and design your skin yourself. To do this, you upload the desired motif in our shop, place it on the skin as it should be printed and send the order. We especially make the sticker for you and send it to you quickly. With such a unique laptop skin, your notebook will certainly not be lost anywhere and it will stand out wherever you go.

By the way, you can use a variety of our designs not only for your laptop or MacBook skin, but also for many of our other products for notebooks and MacBooks. Take a look at our Premium laptop bag or laptop cases. You can design these as well as the laptop skins with your own photos and pictures.