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Eco Friendly Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15 Plus
Recycled Silicone Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15 Plus
Silicone Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15 Plus
Eco Friendly Phone Case
Apple iPhone 15 Plus

Discover now the perfect protective cases for your Apple smartphone: our iPhone 15 Plus cases!

Like every year, Apple launches a new generation of iPhone models in 2023. This time we have already reached the 15th generation , and as in the previous year, there is again a Plus version instead of the mini version that Apple offered in the previous generations. We offer a wide range of iPhone 15 Plus cases to protect your smartphone from scratches and damages. We also offer cases for the other three models:

Which Apple iPhone 15 Plus case do you choose? Choose the one that best suits your needs from a variety of models. Below you will find an overview of the different variants and their advantages to help you decide.

Which Apple iPhone 15 Plus case will you choose?

Eco-Friendly iPhone 15 Plus Case

Our sustainable iPhone 15 Plus cases are the most environmentally friendly model - because they are made from renewable resources, such as bamboo or corn starch. You can buy them in four different colors (black, white, green and purple).

iPhone 15 Plus Hard Shell Case

The iPhone 15 Plus hard cases hold on to your smartphone with a click fastener. A great choice to keep your phone safe from scratches and bumps.

iPhone 15 Plus Premium Case

Thanks to an additional intermediate layer, our premium cell phone cases are a particularly safe option. The second layer has a shock-absorbing effect, so that even less can happen in case of a fall.

iPhone 15 Plus Silicone Case

Our silicone phone cases are available in transparent or recycled versions.It is the thinnest form of cover and can be easily put over your iPhone 14 Plus.

Design your own Apple iPhone 15 Plus case now or choose a design from our wide selection!

We offer a variety of designs, including plain colors, marble patterns and animal prints, so there's something for everyone. Of course, you can also choose multiple covers for different occasions: For example, choose an elegant look for business occasions or a vibrant pattern for casual use. Moreover, an attractive iPhone 15 Plus case adds a personal touch to your smartphone and emphasizes your individual style.

You can also design your own phone case with your own photos. Just upload your desired image and we will print it on your iPhone 15 Plus case. You can also create collages with several pictures and add small lettering or a date - there are no limits to your creativity!

In addition, you can equip our cases with practical gadgets, such as ring holders or phone lanyards, with which you can ensure that your iPhone 15 Plus is even more secure in your hand and does not land on the floor. All in all, a stylish case contributes to the protection as well as the beautification and functionality of the iPhone 15 Plus.