Introducing Our
Phone Case!

For a future without waste!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Environmental protection has been at the heart of our business model since we first opened in 2010. Our employees drive to work with electronic scooters, we produce our own solar power, and finally, we now have a fully biodegradable and sustainable product with the caseable eco phone case!

Plant-Based Cases

Our new Galaxy & iPhone cases are mostly made entirely from plants, such as bamboo and corn starch.


The cases are 100% biodegradable and are therefore extremely environmentally friendly! Say goodbye to plastics and help us provide a cleaner, greener future for tomorrow.

Cut Out Fossil Fuels

Production for the eco case uses significantly less petroleum than normal plastic. A small proportion is necessary so that the casing will be biodegradable.

Plastic-Free Shipping Material

Our shipping material is completely plastic-free and consists of recycled paper. This way your cell phone case will also arrive at your home sustainably!

348 Million Tons of Plastic

This is the approximate amount of plastic that is produced every year worldwide - and the trend is only rising. An enormous proportion of it ends up in the world's oceans, destroying the habitats of fish, animals, and plants alike. Help the world reduce its plastic consumption by switching to our biodegradable phone case today!

Join the Green Revolution and
Help Realise a Cleaner Future!

The better choice for our planet! For only

Sustainable Protective Cases for Your iPhone & Samsung Galaxy – Protect Your Smartphone AND the Environment!

We’ve been searching for a solution to be able to offer environmentally friendly cases at an affordable price. With our new sustainable cell phone cases, we have succeeded! We offer you the most protective and eco-friendly cases for all common iPhone and Galaxy models. Thanks to the designed cutouts on all important ports and buttons, our eco-friendly case does not interfere with usage while protecting your smartphone from scratches, bumps, and drops!

Renewable Raw Materials Make Up the Biodegradable Cell Phone Cases.

For the production of our biodegradable cases, we primarily use renewable raw materials such as corn starch and bamboo. Unlike a pure bamboo cell phone case, for example, different plants are used to produce the bio-plastic from which the cases are ultimately made. We also try to avoid oil as much as possible. We use the minimal amount so that the phone cases can be biodegradable.

Plastic-Free Cell Phone Case Shipping: A Conscious Way to Deliver!

We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible when it comes to shipping: the envelope in which your order is placed is made from 100% recycled paper. The eco-friendly case itself is wrapped in recycled tissue paper. Take a stand with us and help the world cut its relationship with plastic and waste.

This is what our sustainable cell phone cases look like:

Our sustainable cell phone cases protect the earth and your phone in style: the dark-coloured bioplastic is speckled with small brown dots, which gives the case a unique and modern look. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, the case easily attaches to your smartphone. The recycled, non-slip material also lies perfectly in the hand and is incredibly comfortable for long-term use.