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tolino vision 6

Fits only for tolino vision 6

eReader Case

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A large selection of eReader Cases - get stylish protective covers now!

The eBook is a great invention: They are super small and light, and therefore perfect to take with you anywhere. With an eBook reader, you are not limited to a single book, and can have your entire library with you at any time! In order to travel more safely with your eBook and to protect both the display and the casing, we recommend that you buy a protective eBook cover so that the device is always securely stowed when you’re not using it.

Our eReader sleeves are incredibly stylish and make the perfect protective accessory for your eReader. The practical protective covers for eBooks are appropriately designed in a book style and you can easily clamp your Kindle or tolino (or whichever brand you have) with a rubber holder at all four corners so that your eReader sits super firmly in the protective cover and won’t slip out.

If you close the front cover and the case, you can hold the front and back of the eReader case together with another elastic band, similar to a notebook. Speaking of notebooks: There is also a practical inner pocket on the inside front, where you can store notes, cards and other documents.

These are the advantages of our eReader covers in a nutshell:

eReader cases look like books and keep your device tightly enclosed

The device is protected on all sides and cannot be scratched

You have space for notes, as well as EC cards, etc

In addition, your eBook reader cover can be completely personalized! Find out more in the next section. 

Large selection of designs for our eBook reader covers and customization options

You can have the practical eReader covers printed with many great designs from our shop with a diverse collection. We have designs in our portfolio that are influenced by a wide variety of cultures and serve a variety of artistic styles so there is sure to be something for everyone. To make it easier for you, you can also filter by categories and colors to narrow down the designs. For example, are you a fan of the current marble trend? Then get the perfect marble design on your new eBook cover!

You can also easily design your desired eReader cover with us. Select the customizable variant of the case for the device you have and then upload the photo or image file that you want us to print on your eReader case. With short texts or a date, you can adapt the design and personalize it further. Create a unique item for yourself or for your friends and loved ones for the perfect personalized gift.