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Hard Shell Phone Case

Your everyday companion.

With the right look, you can make a real fashion statement.

Not only protection.

Ultra HD wrap-around print style produces a seamless finish. Every design glows in brilliant colors. Extremely scratch-resistant. Wireless charging feature. Snug fit safeguards your phone from bumps and scratches.

Great design selection.

The best designs to match your style.

Your photo on your case.

Create your own unique case.

For almost every device.

Whether Apple, Samsung or Huawei, we cover almost every model.

Our hard shell phone cases offer stylish protection for your smartphone

We always have our mobile phones in hand wherever we go. We ask them for directions, look at cute cat pictures, or text with our friends about the important (or unimportant) developments in our lives. So there are many situations in which these precious objects can fall out of our hands. Without a smartphone cover, a simple accident often results in the infamous Spider app - a cracked display that makes it difficult to use.

To avoid this, you should get the right cell phone case and protect your smartphone from cracks and scratches. Our hard shell phone cases are the best choice for this: They not only help to keep your smartphone intact, they also look great!

Thanks to the customization options in our shop, you can be sure that with your new hardcase mobile phone cover, you’re holding something truly unique in your hands. Use your own pictures and add short texts or a date. If you want to order and personalize your hard shell phone case online, we are the best in the business!

Hard shell phone cases by caseable - buy our classic smartphone cases now

Our smartphone hard cases are made especially for you. Regardless of whether you design your hardcase yourself with your own pictures or prefer a design from our gallery, your hard shell case phone cover will be manufactured for you, made-to-order, in our production facility in Lauterbach.

This means that we can guarantee you a fast delivery and at the same time protect the environment by not producing unnecessary quantities. We take the protection of our environment very seriously. That’s why, in addition to our hard case mobile phone cover, we also offer a sustainable eco-friendly phone case that is compostable.

What makes our hard case mobile phone case so special?

In addition to the environmental aspect, there are of course a lot of other reasons to decide to buy a mobile phone hardcase from caseable: We guarantee a borderless display by printing the hardcase cover all around

No matter whether you upload your own image in our shop or choose one of the popular images for the design of your case, thanks to the exact fit, you’ll still have access to all buttons and ports so you can continue to use all functions of your smartphone without removing the case. In addition, the hardcase mobile phone cover is attached to the mobile phone with click fastening - it couldn't be easier. And if your cell phone is capable of wireless charging, it will still work when the hard case is attached! Here are all the advantages at a glance:

Best print quality

We print with high quality colors that last a long time and won't fade. The printing takes place all around the case so that the sides are also covered in your selected design.

Amazing appearance

Your new hardcase mobile phone cover is sure to get some looks of envy. Not only does the hardcase offer great protection, but it also keeps you well ahead of the trends in terms of design.

Secure protection

The secure hard shell phone case also perfectly encloses the smartphone from the sides, offering some of the most reliable protection against breaks and scratches.

Fast delivery

Your hard shell phone case will go into production immediately after ordering and will be sent to you so that you can look forward to it in a few days.

Environmentally friendly

We only produce to order, which means that we keep our waste production low and thus contribute to protecting the environment.


With us you are not limited to the numerous trend designs; you can also design your hardcase yourself with your own pictures.

Wireless charging compatibility

The phone case supports wireless charging, so you can charge your smartphone wirelessly while it is in the hard shell phone case.

Unrestricted access

Thanks to cutouts for all connections and the camera, the smartphone can be used to its full extent without restrictions. 

We offer high quality cases for all common smartphone models. Regardless of whether you are looking for a mobile phone case for the Apple iPhone 12, the Huawei P30 Pro, or the Samsung Galaxy A32: you are sure to find it with us. Just browse our shop and let us make your new, stylish hard case for you. We hope you’ll enjoy it for years to come!