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Hard Shell Case

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Silicone Case

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Wallet Case

Robust hard case, complete with flip cover for comprehensive protection.

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Eco-Friendly Case

Made from renewable materials such as corn starch and bamboo.

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Eco Friendly MagSafe Case

Built in MagSafe for compatible MagSafe accessories.


Cell Phone Cases by caseable - Eye-Catching Protection Made with Quality

Finding the right phone case is not that easy! Shouldn’t it be more simple? Should the case cover the smartphone from all sides or is it more important to keep your phone as slim as possible? As diverse as your needs are for the perfect cell phone case, our range is just as diverse. Take a look at our different models and choose the one that suits you and your lifestyle the best!

Our Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Case Models:

Silicone Phone Case: With the most elastic version of our cell phone cases, you can ensure that your smartphone will stay as slim as ever. This phone case is made of transparent silicone and can be easily attached to your device by pulling the stretchy corners over it. Once on, it does not come off by itself. Of course, you can just as easily remove the case if necessary. The surrounding sides of this cell phone case remain transparent, and the surface is printed by us with a design of your choice. They are also available as clear phone cases.

Hard Shell Phone Case: The hard case is the gold standard among our cell phone cases and also one of our most popular models. It’s a bit more stable than the silicone case and can be attached to your device with a click. We also offer hard cases for numerous devices. They are available as iPhone cases for all models and for many other brands such as Samsung, Huawei, and Google. The hard case is printed all around, so that the entire case shines with your favorite design.

Premium Phone Case: As the name suggests, this is our premium model amongst our cell phone cases. This case is unique, as it is made with two parts: the hard shell, which protects against scratches and bumps, and a rubber-like intermediate layer, which creates a shock-absorbing effect between the phone case and the smartphone. Of course, we also print the back cover with your design of choice

More cell phone cases: You can find many more cell phone cases in our range. Make sure to check out our other models, like the wallet phone case or our 100% biodegradable eco-friendly phone case. For the latest variants of the iPhones, the sustainable phone cases are also available in a MagSafe variant.

Why Order a caseable Phone Case?

The reasons for a great phone case may be obvious: Our smartphones are always with us throughout our daily lives, and can easily slip out of our hands. Without a protective cover, scratches can accumulate and the display can crack causing expensive repairs. With us, you can be certain that our high-quality cell phone cases will prevent these signs of wear.

But that's not all. With caseable, you can design your phone case with an unbelievable number of designs. You can either choose from the designs in our shop, or get creative and design your own phone case. To do this, all you have to do is upload your favorite photo and place it on the case for us to print. Make sure to edit the size of the image to your liking so it can fit the entire case. The end result is a custom case for yourself or a friend! We offer cell phone cases for all common devices, such as the Apple iPhone 12, the iPhone 13, and the iPhone 14 cases, in addition to other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. We guarantee we have something for you! 

Lastly, our excellent customer service is also always there for you and will help with any request so that we can ensure you are satisfied with your product and fix it if you are not. 

Phone cases with strap - With us for every model

Necklace cases have been very popular for a long time. No wonder, they are super practical, look great and offer your smartphone extra protection. With us you will find a terrific phone lanyard on offer, with which you can really convert any phone case into a necklace case. The chain is pulled through the eyelet of the charging port and is thus firmly connected to the case. The chain is available in an elegant black color, which is classic and matches any type of phone case.