iPhone 2023 Cases

Equip now for the latest generation!


Now the time has come again. On September 12, Apple held the big launch event to introduce the iPhone 15 generation. Now we know: There will be four different models again, named just like the previous generation. There is a conventional iPhone 15 model, a Plus version, as well as a Pro & a Pro Max version.

Of course, you will find the matching cases for all four, as well as other great products, such as ring holdersphone lanyards or even matching charging cables.

Get your matching iPhone 15 case for your desired model right away

Of course, even with iPhone 15 models, it's important that you keep your brand new device safe and secure. One of the best ways to protect your phone is to invest in a high-quality phone case. Cell phone cases come in all shapes and sizes, and they offer a variety of benefits for your phone. Here are just a few reasons why you should get a phone case for your new iPhone 15.

  • Protection from drops and scratches
  • Improved grip
  • Longer value retention for later resale
  • Customization with our design tool

We also have a wide selection of phone cases for the new iPhone 2023 generation. From slim and simple to rugged and durable cases, you can find a phone case that suits your needs and preferences. From hard shell cases, to silicone cases, to eco-friendly phone cases, we have it all.


What kind of cases can you find for the new iPhone models?

Hard Shell Phone Cases: Our standard cases in the range. They protect your iPhone from sharp objects and cushion well in case of falls. Thanks to a simple click attachment, they can be easily attached to your smartphone. You can also buy them in great caseable designs, as well as customize them with your own pictures.
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Premium Phone Cases: Our premium cases are hardcases, so to speak, but with an additional intermediate layer that has a shock-absorbing effect in case of falls. So they protect even better in case of falls from the nearest height! Our premium cases are also available in many attractive designs and can be customized.
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Silicone Phone Cases: Our silicone phone cases are the thinnest cases in the range and fit close to your iPhone. Currently they are available in transparent versions, but soon you will also be able to have them printed with motifs. Choose between a traditional and a recycled version of the silicone cases.
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Eco-Friendly Phone Cases: They are the most eco-friendly option among our iPhone cases: The sustainable iPhone 2023 phone cases are made from renewable raw materials, such as corn starch or bamboo. In addition to the classics white and black, you can also buy them from us in the colors purple and green.
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iPhone 15 case has a good grip in the hand
iPhone 15 Pro Cases are easy to customize
USB-C Charging Cable for the iPhone 2023 series

What makes the new iPhone 2023 models special?

A new process called Low-Injection-Pressure-Overmolding (LIPO for short) is used for the display production: This can guarantee narrower display edges.

Instead of a stainless steel frame, Apple now uses titanium for the two Pro models, which also reduces the weight of the iPhones.

The two new iPhone 15 Pro models also use an A17 Pro chip, the other two get an A16 chip.

An action button is installed above the volume buttons, which replaces the volume down slider. Short commands can be stored via this, but they can still be muted.

The camera equipment has been greatly improved for all four models of the iPhone 15 Pro series and creates high-quality pictures in file sizes that are also well suited for sharing.

Apple is also prioritizing clean energy in the new iPhones, relying even more than ever on recycele and sustainable, low-carbon materials.

In addition, Apple has already installed a USB-C port instead of Lightning for the iPhone 15 models, which will not be mandatory in the EU until 2024 and would therefore only be necessary for the next generation. With our ultra-long USB-C charging cable you are perfectly equipped and can charge your phone comfortably even if the next power outlet is a little further away from you.