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Bold PlayStation Skins - As Individual as You!

With our PlayStation skins and stickers, you can turn your gaming console into something very special - and very quickly. The attractive stickers are precisely tailored and can be easily attached to the surface of your PlayStation or the associated controller, making them truly unique. Choose from one of our great trending designs from the shop or go a step further and create an even more individual PlayStation sticker by using your own photo or image as the design. We’ve found a way to make gaming even more fun!

PlayStation stickers for many models

We offer you our PlayStation stickers for numerous models: Not only will you find stickers for the brand new and popular PS5 along with its DualSense controller, but also for the equally popular PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro as well as the PS4 controller. Since we offer skins for the entire PlayStation lineup, you can create a suitable PlayStation sticker with us. The stickers are equally easy to apply and remove without leaving any annoying residue on the device!

In addition to providing the best personalization, all PlayStation stickers are produced only after they have been ordered. In doing so, we are making our contribution to environmental protection, because we avoid mountains of garbage on products that have been over manufactured.  

Which design should it be? Choose a design for your PlayStation sticker now! 

Maybe you have a picture you painted yourself that you want to use as a design, or a great photo from your last vacation that you want to decorate your PlayStation with? Whatever it is, we'll print it for you. But even if you don't have a picture of your own at hand, that's no problem at all. Our lovingly curated selection of designs has something for every taste.

By the way, you will not only find the best console skins for the various PlayStation models, but also for many other consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or XBOX. And that's not all! You can also design the perfect skin for many other products with us. Just have a look around!